Spatial Data Management

Configure custom applications with GeolinQ

GeolinQ is a generic data management platform that allows organizations to configure their own custom applications. The applications consist of a configured data model and optionally configured screens that are tailored to the specific information needs of the end users. Lengthy development processes are avoided by configuration and applications are realized in a very short lead time at low cost.

Low maintenance costs

Applications configured with GeolinQ require virtually no maintenance. The configured applications are automatically updated with a new GeolinQ version. The GeolinQ installation is updated by IntellinQ to the latest version with a GaaS subscription. Adjustments to the configuration like changing file formats, interfaces, map layers or adding extra attributes are usually one by the customer himself.

Multiple applications on one platform

Multiple applications can be configured on the GeolinQ platform. Applications can also easily use each other's data and data structures. GeolinQ also supports tenants where multiple GeolinQ environments for an organization can be hosted on the same GeolinQ installation. GeolinQ makes GIS application management simple and efficient.

One platform for everyone

All GeolinQ functionality is available to all customers. The GeolinQ platform is regularly expanded at the request of customers. New file formats, interfaces, screens and services are made available to the GeolinQ community so that everyone benefits from a new GeolinQ release.

Sharing applications and basic configurations

The configuration of a GeolinQ application can be easily exported to a file that can be read in another GeolinQ environment. This allows organizations to share and reuse GIS applications. IntellinQ also provides basic configurations for commonly used GIS applications, such as retrieving basic registrations.

Configure applications by your own with GeolinQ

GeolinQ is a no-code software platform that allows GeolinQ users to configure custom applications themselves via the web interface without programming code or scripts. The concepts and use of GeolinQ are covered in one day in the GeolinQ basic training. Each participant receives their own GeolinQ training environment after the training that remains active for a month. As a result the participants can immediately start configuring applications in GeolinQ.

Iterative project approach

IntellinQ offers to configure custom applications for an organization. The starting point is to determine the wishes and requirements for the application in a workshop. IntellinQ provides a project plan in which the scope, activities, planning and costs are described based on the established wishes and requirements. The customer receives a weekly project report after the start of the project and keeps a grip on the progress of the project.

The iterative project approach provides for multiple deliveries that the customer can test and evaluate immediately. Any changes raised from the testing and evaluation are immediately implemented for an optimal project result.

Proof of Concepts

A complex and risky project can be carried out as a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a fixed budget. Most of the risky activities of the project are performed and evaluated with the customer in a PoC. A GAP analysis determines which activities still need to be undertaken to take the GeolinQ application into production.

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