Spatial Data Management
Harry de Bruin
“In addition of using GeolinQ to collect and distribute authentic registrations (The Basisregistraties) we use the platform to configure apps to manage data for projects. An example is the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) project for one of our customers.”

What was the challenge?

A map was needed with the locations and accessibility of all AED’ s in the municipality and to show a "range of action" of each AED. The map is used to allocate blind spots, re-arrange the location of exiting AED’s and planning of new AED locations.

What was the approach?

A map is configured where both the AED locations as AED characteristics can be entered, removed or edited by the users themselves. All AEDs and the "range of action" are available live for all users.

What was the outcome?

A satisfied customer and happy users able to immediately anticipate to eliminate AED blindspots.